Jonathan Lomax, CEOLomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing offers a unique gym set up; the Chelsea gym is home to 15 fitness pods, a healthy café, performance orientated wellbeing clinic and high tech reformer Pilates and indoor cycling studios. Not only committed to helping their clients reach their goals through diet and exercise, the team at Lomax are also busy trialing, testing and developing the brand’s new range of products.

I have been designing nutrition plans and recommending health and fitness supplements as part of those plans, for over 15 years. Since we opened our second space in Chelsea in 2010, we have really pushed our nutritional services, our health food and supplement retail offer, and also the use of supplements in the preparation of food and shakes in our café and food delivery business. Alongside this, I found I was getting increasingly frustrated with the formulas, the quality and the value of what was on the market already. So in 2015, I decided to create my own range, focusing on formula development.

I wanted to focus on creating formulas that actually increase ‘performance’ regardless of your training status or approach to health and fitness. Through increased performance even the weekend athlete, yoga instructor or 65 year old gardening fanatic, will make both health and fitness ‘gains’ and the by-product of that is not just an aesthetically pleasing body, but a body built to perform.

Our formulas have been tried and tested personally in real life on real Clients at our boutique Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing facility in London’s Chelsea.

As such, they contain meaningful dosages of the active ingredients necessary to stimulate changes that can be measured, whether fat loss, lean muscle increases, faster running times or stronger bench press! We don’t hide behind internet claims because our Clients literally come into the gym and tell us what they think, face to face! If the products don’t work, or taste bad, then our Clients just don’t come back. So our jobs depend on getting this right

Our team of Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Dieticians, Doctors and Researchers have combined their knowledge with our real life Client Case Studies to formulate and create products that work.

Furthermore, our initial range is only the start. By starting with a guaranteed level of nutritional support, we can work hard to develop our formulas as more research and evidence of genuinely ‘active’ ingredients is verified by industry experts.

We therefore want you, our new Clients, to enter our great competition and therefore tell us what you would like to see in our future supplements. Whether it is larger dosages of ingredients already within our formulas, or additional active ingredients you have found work for you in achieving performance goals or weight management targets from other products you have used.

We are committed to spending the time and money to develop a wide range of lifestyle, performance and health based products that do exactly what they say on the packaging. That is and always has been The Lomax Way!

Jonathan Lomax

Founder & CEO